Weiss Ratings: State Farm Mutual Automobile, Allstate and Federal Insurance Among the Strongest Property and Casualty Insurers in the Nation

JUPITER, Florida (March 24, 2011) — State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Allstate Insurance Company and Federal Insurance Company are among the nation’s strongest property and casualty insurers with assets of $15 billion and greater, according to the latest quarterly review by Weiss Ratings, the nation’s leading independent provider of bank, credit union and insurance company ratings. Meanwhile, Nuclear Insurance and State Farm Florida Insurance Company are the largest companies on Weiss Ratings’ list of the weakest property and casualty insurers.

Weiss Ratings covers 1,604 property and casualty insurers, assigning a Financial Strength Rating from A+ to E- to each, based on capitalization, investment safety, profitability, liquidity, stability and other factors. Weiss Ratings found that 92, or 5.7%, of all property and casualty insurers received a rating of B+ and higher, while 19%, or 304, insurers merited inclusion in Weiss Ratings’ Weakest List, with a Weiss Rating of D+ or lower.

Large property and casualty insurers on Weiss Ratings’ Strongest List (with a Weiss Financial Strength Rating of B+ or higher) include:

In contrast, large property and casualty insurers on the Weakest List (with a Weiss Financial Strength Rating of D+ or lower) include:

To view Weiss Ratings’ free list of the strongest and weakest homeowners, auto or business insurance companies, consumers should visit www.weissratings.com/homeowners.


About Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings, the nation’s independent provider of bank, credit union and insurance company financial strength ratings, accepts no payments for its ratings from rated institutions. It also distributes independent investment ratings on the shares of thousands of publicly traded companies, mutual funds, closed-end funds and ETFs.

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Note to Editors: State-specific lists of property and casualty ratings are available upon request.