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Filtered by year: 2011
Dec 9
Weiss Ratings: Eurozone Crisis Prompts Debt Downgrades
Dec 2
Weiss Ratings: High-End Medigap Plans Available at Basic-Plan Prices
Oct 24
Weiss Ratings: Connecticut Seniors Pay Highest Premiums for Medigap Plans
Oct 6
Property and Casualty Insurers Lost $3.4 Billion in Second Quarter
Sep 19
Weiss Ratings Downgrades Sovereign Debt of Japan, S. Korea and 3 Other Nations; Upgrades Kuwait
Sep 7
Weiss Ratings Downgrades Six European Countries
Aug 8
Weiss Ratings Credits S&P for Important First Step; Renews Challenge to Moody’s and Fitch to Downgrade U.S. Debt
Jul 26
Weiss Ratings: Delinquent Mortgages Continue to Threaten Health of U.S. Banks
Jul 20
Weiss Ratings: Only 10% of Credit Unions are Strong
Jul 19
Weiss Ratings: Health Insurers Profit from Rise in Unemployment
Jul 15
Weiss Ratings Downgrades United States Debt to C-Minus
Jun 27
Weiss Ratings: Mountain Heritage Bank Closed Three Years after Weiss First Assigned a “Weak” Rating
Jun 27
Weiss Ratings Downgrades Wells Fargo to Weakest List Alongside JP Morgan, Bank of America
Jun 24
Weiss Ratings: Maxwell State Bank and California First National Bank Earn Weiss Ratings’ Top Rating of A+
Jun 20
Weiss Identified McIntosh State Bank and First Commercial Bank as “Weak” More Than Three Years Prior to Failure
Jun 15
Weiss Ratings Issues Sovereign Debt Ratings for India and Singapore
Jun 14
Weiss Ratings: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser, American Family Strongest U.S. Health Insurers
Jun 6
Weiss Ratings Identified Atlantic Bank and Trust as “Weak” One Year Ahead of Failure
May 31
Weiss Ratings Identified First Heritage Bank as “Weak” Nearly Three Years Ahead of Failure
May 31
Weiss Ratings Releases Strongest & Weakest Lists for Property & Casualty Insurers
May 25
Weiss Ratings Issues Strongest and Weakest Lists for Life and Annuity Insurers
May 23
Weiss Ratings Identified Atlantic Southern, First Georgia, and Summit Bank as “Weak” At Least One Year Prior to Failure
May 9
Weiss Ratings: Florida-Based Coastal Bank Identified as “Weak” by Weiss Three Years Prior to Failure
May 4
Weiss Ratings: Failed Reinsurance Company of America Rated “Weak” by Weiss Since 2007
May 4
Weiss Ratings: Weiss Identifies Five Banks as “Weak” More Than One Year Prior to Failure
May 2
Weiss Ratings: Regulators Close Utah Central Credit Union
Apr 28
Weiss Ratings: United States Receives Sovereign Debt Rating of C (Fair)
Apr 25
Weiss Ratings Identified Majestic Insurance Company as Weak Six Years Ahead of Failure
Apr 20
Weiss Ratings: 74% of U.S. Banks Vulnerable to Rising Short-Term Interest Rates
Apr 18
Weiss Ratings: Six Failed Banks Identified as “Weak” by Weiss over Two Years Ago
Apr 18
Weiss Ratings: Two Credit Unions Placed in Conservatorship, Bringing Total under Watch to Three for the Year
Apr 14
Weiss Ratings Launches Watchdog Service with FREE Real-Time Alerts
Apr 11
Weiss Ratings: Nevada Commerce Bank and Western Springs National Bank & Trust Identified as “Weak” by Weiss over Two Years Ago
Apr 11
Weiss Ratings: Mission San Francisco Federal Credit Union Identified as Very Weak Ahead of Closing
Mar 29
Weiss Ratings: Communication Federal Credit Union Upgraded to Weiss’ Top Rating of A+, Indicating Excellent Financial Strength
Mar 28
Weiss Ratings: Star One, Randolph-Brooks and Police & Fire Federal Credit Union Among the Strongest Credit Unions in the Nation
Mar 28
Weiss Ratings: The Bank of Commerce First Identified as “Weak” by Weiss in September 2008
Mar 24
Weiss Ratings: State Farm Mutual Automobile, Allstate and Federal Insurance Among the Strongest Property and Casualty Insurers in the Nation
Mar 22
Weiss Ratings: JP Morgan, Bank of America, US Bank, and Suntrust Still Among the Weakest Banks in the Nation
Mar 17
Weiss Ratings: Seminole Casualty Insurance Company of Tamarac, Florida Identified as Weak Four Years Ahead of Failure
Mar 15
Weiss Ratings: Over 2,500 U.S. Credit Unions Considered Weak
Mar 14
Weiss Ratings: Land of Enchantment Federal Credit Union Identified as Very Weak by Weiss Ahead of Closing Credit Union Failures Now at Five as Regulators Close One More Institution
Mar 14
Weiss Ratings: Legacy Bank Identified as “Weak” by Weiss in June 2008 Bank Failures Hit 25 as Regulators Close Two More Institutions
Mar 8
Weiss Ratings: Poor Liquidity Contributing Factor for Weiss Ratings’ Initial Evaluation of Wisconsin Heights Credit Union
Mar 3
Weiss Ratings: AequiCap Insurance Company of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Identified as Very Weak Four Years Ahead of Failure
Feb 28
Weiss Ratings: Valley Community Bank of St. Charles, Illinois Identified as Weak Over Three Years Ahead of Closing
Feb 25
Weiss Ratings: Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association, Northwestern Mutual and Massachusetts Mutual Among the Strongest Insurers in the Nation
Feb 22
Weiss Ratings: Habersham Bank, Citizens Bank, Charter Oak Bank and San Luis Trust Bank FSB Identified as Weak Nearly a Year Ahead of Closings
Feb 18
Weiss Ratings: In The Ultimate Money Guide for Bubbles, Busts, Recession, and Depression Martin D. Weiss Offers Financial Advice for Surviving Today’s Economy
Feb 14
Weiss Ratings: Canyon National Bank, Badger State Bank, Peoples State Bank and Sunshine State Community Bank First Identified as Weak Nearly Three Years Ago
Feb 14
Weiss Ratings: No Rise in Health Insurer Medical Costs for First Time in 10 Years
Feb 7
Weiss Ratings: Community First Bank, North Georgia Bank, and American Trust Bank Identified as Weak More Than Two Years Ago
Feb 3
Weiss Ratings: Florida, Arizona and Georgia among Worst States for Safe Banking
Jan 31
Weiss Ratings: Latest Bank Failures Found “Weak” by Weiss as Early as July 2007
Jan 24
Weiss Ratings: Four More Bank Failures in 2011 First Identified as “Weak” by Weiss as Early as Three Years Ago
Jan 20
Banyan Partners Acquires Weiss Capital Management
Jan 18
Weiss Ratings: Third Bank Failure of 2011 First Identified as “Weak” by Weiss in March 2009
Jan 10
Weiss Ratings: First Two Failed Banks of 2011 Identified as “Weak” by Weiss as Early as Two Years Ago