Martin D. Weiss and Weiss Research Launch Nonpartisan Grassroots Campaign to End Corporate Bailouts

Supported by New Book, "Ultimate Depression Survival Guide"
All Royalties Donated to National Charity for Homeless Children

JUPITER, Fla. , April 13, 2009 — Martin D. Weiss and his independent research firm, Weiss Research, Inc., have launched a non-partisan grassroots national campaign to end corporate bailouts, regain control over the nation's finances, and help protect the most unfortunate victims of the debt crisis.  

Weiss is appealing to more than 400,000 readers plus an audience of 14 million participants in both conservative and progressive grassroots causes. 

To help convey the campaign's message unambiguously, today is also the launch date of Dr. Weiss' new book, The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide, with 100 percent of his royalties donated to the Campaign to End Child Homelessness.

The book, published by John Wiley & Sons, is already the nation's #1 Business & Investing bestseller on; and it is available nationwide at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Books-A-Million.

"I wrote this book with two important goals in mind," says Dr. Weiss. "The first is to help average Americans protect their savings, boost their income and grow wealthy even in the worst of times. Plus, an equally important goal is to dissuade Washington from the monetary and fiscal insanity that could ultimately bankrupt America."

Separately, in the interest of full disclosure, Dr. Weiss has taken an additional step: He has resent to all his readers his open letter of three years ago regarding his 2006 settlement agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). "I believe that was a landmark settlement," Weiss writes. "It clarified and reaffirmed the critical separation between publishers that enjoy certain First Amendment protections and advisers regulated by the SEC."

Dr. Weiss' book recommends shifting the government's priorities from bailing out bankrupt banks, broken brokers and insolvent insurers to helping protect Americans likely to be hurt the most in an inevitable depression.

"If Washington stays on its current path," Weiss concludes, "we will merely prolong this crisis and weaken any eventual recovery.  But if we take the right steps now, we can still look forward to a better future for our children and their children."

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